Three Roles in One Serial Killer - 15/01/2010, 09:53 WIB

JAKARTA, - The psychiatric examination on Baikuni a.k.a Babeh, 48, the murder suspect of several boys by mutilation, shows that he suffers three perversions: paedophilia, homosexuality, and necrophilia.

The conclusion was stated by psychologist, Prof. Sarlito Wirawan Sarwono, from the University of Indonesia, after examining the suspects mental condition at the Jakarta Police HQ, Thursday. The examination was done as part of the police investigation.

Sarlito explained that the suspect has indications of being a homosexual. He can't be aroused by the opposite sex.

The fact was acquired from Babeh's confession that he couldn't have an erection during his marriage with his late wife. "Babeh has inherent homosexuality, so it's not a conditioned state. He can only be aroused by the same sex. He can't be aroused by the opposite sex."

Babeh, according to Sarlito, has another indication, which is paedophilia. From his confession, Babeh always had intercourse with boys below 12 years old. Babeh has even confessed of having murdered seven boys who refused him intercourse. So they were killed then sodomized.

"He didn't masturbate, he didn't have wet dreams. He only had intercourse with boys below 12 years old. His victims were boys other than those he kept, except for Ardiyansyah whom he'd cared for for six months."

The third indication is necrophilia, or the tendency to have intercourse with a corpse. "He liked to have sex with a corpse. It's not inherent, but he was conditioned to do it if the victim resisted and had to be killed."

Sarlito added that Babeh, the street peddler, committed his crimes regularly and without variance and never compulsive. This can be seen from his murder method, which is by garroting the victim's neck, then he sodomized, and mutilated his victim, then the body pieces were boxed and dumped somewhere crowded.

Why should the pieces be dumped into a crowded place? Babeh mentioned that the victim could be buried by doing so. (SAN/C17-09)

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